Monday, September 21, 2009

Violet LaRee Rees 09-11-09

On Friday, September 11th I went to school ready for our 2nd grade Western Round Up. Each teacher was in charge of their own activity that related to the Western theme. One sang songs, another served breakfast, and one brought in horses for the kids to touch. My teacher was in charge of Western dancing. Yep dancing. Teaching 4 different groups of students how to line dance and lucky me....I got to help. :0)

When I returned home I was so tired and ready to take a nap. But I knew it was Friday night and probably mine and Caleb's last Friday night to just go out and play before we had another kid on our hands. So instead of taking a nap we called up our friends to go out to eat with them. The plan was to eat at the pizza factory. We left our house at 6pm. Got to the pizza factory at about 6:15pm and then were called back to our seat at 6:30pm. Daisy was upset so I was carrying her to the table. Our friends where ahead of us and Caleb was ahead of me. Just before turning the corner back by the salad bar to sit at our table I caught myself grabbing Caleb's arm and saying "s**t." Caleb looked at me like what was wrong, I then told him I think my water just broke. All he could say was "what? Where?" (I am guessing he thought I brought in a water bottle or something and just dropped it? Who knows.)

When he finally realized what I was talking about and I was backing out of the pizza factory, he ran to tell our friends sorry. I was shaking really bad by the time we got to the truck. I had no idea anything like this could happen to me. I mean you always hear stories I just didn't know what to do. I just felt like I was peeing my pants. No pain, nothing. Just scared I guess. I was so scared I was just standing outside my truck wondering what I could sit on because I didn't want to ruin my seats. (haha) I then saw the sunshade and sat on that. :0)

Daisy of course was screaming in the car because she didn't get to eat and Caleb and I were both out of it. So the first person I called was Caleb's brother Jason. (Poor guy was just heading out on a date with his wife) But he still ran to the hospital to pick up Daisy. He and his wife also ran back to our house and got us whatever they thought one would need at the hospital. (I never did pack a hospital bag...I guess I just didn't think I would need it) haha.

I then called Caleb's mom and told her meet us at the hospital...she was on her way back into town. Called my mom and left her a message, then tried the house and told her to hurry up!
We were are the hospital and hooked up by 7:00pm. I was at a 4+ and my contractions began. I had no medicine, but I did learn something really quick. Every time I had a contraction I had Caleb press on my shoulders and remind me to breathe and relax. By the time his mom came I had her pressing on me too. Soon I had the nurse pressing down on me. It felt sooooo good. I don't know why but I guess them pressing down on my side (tummy, butt, and thigh) took my mind off the contractions and put it on the pressure. Oh it was wonderful.
Before I knew it I was ready to push. 4 hours later at 10:33pm I was told "it's a girl!"
We called my mom to tell her we had the baby and found out she was in the lobby. Her and my dad showed up just in time for the exciting stuff.

As I was holding our baby girl we were getting ready for the after birth. Come to find out, an hour later we were still waiting for it. My placenta was stuck to my uterus AGAIN. But because I was not on PIC and I was contracting on my own, it didn't come inside out, but instead it was coming out in pieces. I was losing lots of blood while we waited for the guy who can give me stronger drugs to knock me out so the doctor could clean me out.

The man finally came and and gave me a shot that knocked me out, then before they were done stitching me up, he gave me a shot that brought me back (quicker than they wanted), so I got another shot to knock me out again, and then back again. (Crazy huh!?) I was so out of it that half of the pictures my dad took at the hospital I don't even remember and that is why I look like what my sister Liz calls "death."

They tried to move me into the next room when I started to come around. But that of course was no good. I had a low blood count/pressure that I kept passing out on them and eventually they had to keep me in that room. By the next day I was around enough to understand what was finally going on. Caleb gave me all the details that I didn't remember like getting mad and saying things that upset my mom but I don't remember any of it.

I guess one of them was my dad was asking me if I wanted him to text anyone about the baby. I said "Liz" and my mom said "well what about the rest of your brother and sisters?" and I said "screw them!" HAHAHA. I don't remember that at all but it would've been funny to watch. I was so drugged!

Anyway, we had lots of visitors and were finally able to get out of the hospital on Sunday with a little begging on my part to my doctor. I still had a low blood count and he was worried for me, but I just hate hospitals and I wanted to go home. So he let me go only because I told him I would say whatever he wanted to hear. :) I was in bed for a whole week with my mom waiting on me hand and foot. She was so wonderful to have here. It really helped my healing. Sadly she left on Thursday but not before she had me call my mentor and supervisor teachers to ask them for another week off to finish healing and getting my light-headedness together.

It's was hard when my mom left, with me still weak and Daisy wanting to play, Violet needing me, and Caleb back at work, but thankfully we have Caleb's brother Jason who has been taking Daisy during the days so I could continue to rest. But no worries it is still a struggle at nights when Daisy wants nothing to do with Violet and just wants Caleb and I all to herself. She does have her moments when she loves Violet though. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school at Iron Springs Elementary. I have to say it went very well. I helped out a lot on the side and actually felt like I was needed and most of all wanted. (Which sometimes you don't get that feeling from teachers. They usually have their own way of doing things and they don't want you in their way). So overall, I enjoyed it. Plus, I was asked to bring in a few items that told about me and the kids loved my collection of Disney things. (We totally connected there) Haha. I was also asked earlier this week to read aloud a story after lunch....I was a little scared at first but she let me take the book home to read through it first. Good thing she did, because I am scared to death to read aloud...(yeah, I know...and I want to be a teacher? What was I thinking?) ....I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that I was in special ed up until high school and even had an IEP. I was just always behind and reading (or any subject for that matter) I just sucked at. BUT GUESS WHAT!? I read the story aloud to the class and I thought I did great! I didn't even let my body get nervous or all sweaty! :0) I really was proud of myself. (I know...what a big accomplishment right?) really was for me. (I will admit....I practiced a lot at home with Daisy but who cares...I did it!).
Overall, as much as I liked and enjoyed the day and had a great mentor teacher to watch....I really don't think I could ever teach 2nd grade. There is WAY too much repeating of yourself, and a TON of every tiny little procedures that they need to know all by the first day. From raising your hand, where the pencil sharpener is, where to line up, turn in work, what to do next, bathroom/drink breaks...and still a lot of kids who still can't tie their own shoes. Not to mention a very very annoying pet peeve......"teacher, teacher, teacher!"....."UGH! My name is Mrs. Rees!" haha. Dumb I know...but picture hearing it a thousands times a day from 25 different students in a whinning voice. Yuck.
Still it was a great first day and maybe tomorrow my feet wont hurt as much. :)
*I meant to take a picture of me and my first day but I forgot AND Caleb was gone so I didn't have anyone to take it....maybe next week. (Always need a picture of the first day of school, right!?)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1/2 of the Melt Down....

Caleb got another calling this Sunday and we haven't even gone to this new ward for three whole weeks before it happened. We would've been there for 4 straight weeks but the last two weeks we were down in Vegas. How can people just call new members so quickly!? Give us sometime to see if we even like you, or what to stay! Not to mention they called us an hour before church started and asked us to come in 15 minutes before that to call Caleb to his calling. They wanted to announce his calling that Sunday. What if he had said no? (Which he never would) Then during church they asked him if we Rees' would speak in church in two weeks. Caleb has learned to never say yes for me, so he told the guy he had to ask me himself. He did, and I said no. (Shhh...don't tell my mom). But boy, I was so mad... I guess, I would have to go into all of that for someone to understand...but hey, the guy said that if I didn't feel comfortable, it wasn't like it was a calling and they were setting me apart to speak in church. So, I just went with what I wanted and said no. Believe me....I am already stressing out more than I can take with school, lessons, TWS's, Daisy, Babysitters, schedules, and having another kid and not even knowing when that is going to happen OR I will be able to stand the pain again, or if it will all be worst...... SO, I gave my answer and turned around, and didn't even make it to the church door before I started crying and breaking down. I drove away from Caleb before he could even get in the car I was so bitter about everything with this church that they couldn't just let us go for a few weeks before they started calling him off to another calling where he would have to stay after church and we would have to travel in two seprate cars again......Isn't it my turn yet? I am the one still going to school and trying to finish well having another baby that he wanted before I was even ready. Now I feel like I am all alone again and he will never understand how I feel. I am breaking down, and I am pushing away quickly from what I believe just because....because...I really don't even might all be because I am pregnant and scared and worried about school, make up days and having this baby, and then passing it off to someone else to raise for the next couple of months.......
I want to be a good mom
I want to be a good wife
I want to finish school (I am so close)
I want to hold and raise my own kids
I want to have time with my husband
I want to not have bad feelings about the church
I want to just be happy and stress free....does that mean giving up on this I have wanted for so long to make that all possible?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daddy and Daisy's First Dance...

I have been meaning to share this video I took of Daisy and her Daddy for sometime now. It is SO Cute!

Caleb used to swim in High School and Daisy just loves to wear his swimming goggles. Haha....It's worth watching....I promise! (Even just to see how cute/dorky of a husband I married! He will do anything to make his two girls Happy!! You've just gotta love him!)

Daisy is totally her Mommy and Daddy's kid. Poor thing got stuck with our dancing abilities! :0)

If you know my husband...I know this video had to have made you smile! :0) Isn't he the best!?

After the video the two worked hard to put Daisy new BIG-GIRL-BED together. (This of course was a couple of months ago...So, now she sleeps in her big-girl-bed all the time and even through the night.) Last week or so we finally moved the crib over to the new baby's room. I think Daisy knows something is starting to realize something is up. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Beginning of My Summer...

I survived the BLOCK! When I tell people this, they often get confused and don’t understand what the Block is. But basically it’s just a lot of Elementary Edu. classes that have to be taken all at once. It is pretty intense during the regular school year but even more intense during the summer. (Which is when I took it). It is about 20 regular school weeks condensed into 10 summer weeks. You have 5 subjects that have to be learned in those 10 weeks. So each professor gets 8 days of our time from 9:00am-4:00pm every day to teach us everything we need to know. Along with writing lesson plans, presentations, group work, activities, inventions, research, and teaching experience. So for the last 10 weeks of my summer I have been going to school every day from 9am to 4pm learning how to teach methods of Science, Behavior Management, Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies. Not to mention during my Finals Week of last semester doing a two-week long practicum at South Elementary with 4th graders. Where I had to teach two of my very own lessons for the first time alone and in front of a real classroom full of students. (I did love every minute of it, and I even got kids to turn to me and say, “Mrs. Rees, you make fractions so much fun! I love this!”) It was a great experience. However, by the end of the Block there were definitely fellow classmates I could’ve lived without, but yet two that I grew very close too.

During my summer classes Daisy would go and play with her Uncle Jason everyday. She would leave with him at 8:30am and help him finish delivering newspapers. Then they would ride bikes, play with puzzles, watch movies, read books, and even play on a water slip-n-slide. Wednesday was her last day with him. However, before they left that morning, he turned to me with a sad look on his face and asked if he could come back and pick her up other days to just play with her. :0) Haha. Totally cute, if you ask me. I said yes, of course. I don’t think I could ever keep Daisy and her Uncle Jason away from each other too long. He might just come and kidnap her. Haha

Caleb has been working hard as always and has been studying for his CPA tests. He has already pasted two of them and needs to past the other two. I think he took on last week and then his next one is on my birthday. (Ouch, how rude huh?) Nah, I will be in school anyway, and I’d rather play the night of my birthday than have him studying, so it’s not that bad.

During school and work we have tried to get out a little bit. We did go hiking one weekend but we didn’t get out of the door until noon so it was really hot, and lets just say I am pregnant and already out of shape. So we didn’t make it very far, but it was something different, so it was still a ton of fun.

For the 4th of July, (which is my favorite holiday) we went to the parade in town. We sat by a bunch of adults and maybe two other little boys, which was awesome because then Daisy was able to collect lots of candy. When the flags went by at the beginning Caleb helped Daisy to put her hand over her heart. She did such a good job. A newspaper man was walking down the street taking pictures and stopped and took a picture of Daisy. He then asked Caleb her name, age, and where she is from. To our surprise she was on the FRONT COVER of the Daily News the next day. And I am not just talking a small little black and white photo but a COLOR picture that took up maybe a ¼ of the page! We were so excited!! Caleb and I joke all the time that this is where it is all going to begin. Soon Baby Gap, Old Navy, and Huggies are all going to be calling us and wanting our little girl to pose for them. Haha. Thanks to Caleb’s brother Jason, we have like 30 copies of the Daily News for all the Journals I keep and for grandparents. And if any of you would like a signed copy, she would be more than happy to. ‘Cause who knows, one day it will be worth millions! Ha ha.

Daisy has grown so much. She knows sign language for more, please, and cookie. She also loves to color any chance she gets and still loves her bottle. We are however, slowly breaking the habit for when she goes to sleep. Because I really don’t think we need two kids on the bottle at the same time. I have also been interested in getting Daisy potty trained before I start school again and the new baby comes but I don’t think it is going as while as I would like. We started this morning but lets just say I am already giving up. It’s just too much waiting, waiting, and more waiting for me. Because right when I get up or walk away for two seconds she runs behind the table and pees. I then shout my favorite word “sh**!” and she stops peeing for two seconds because she gets scared. I hurry and pick her up and run her to her potty while she continues peeing. Now she is crying because I yelled and scared her, when really I was just shocked that I missed the signs and didn't get her to the toilet fast enough. Haha. Oh ….I suck at this. But I have to say she does or DID enjoy sitting on her potty and dancing. But after two hours of that I can see why she wouldn’t want to sit there any longer. But how am I supposed to know when she is going to go? This is much harder than I thought. You almost need a tag team, so one person isn’t just sitting next to her all day and then when she doesn’t make it to the potty, you break down and cry. Haha. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this when I am so emotional? I just know she can do it!! I just get so hurt when she pees seconds before I get her to the toilet. Ugh. Oh well, I have cute pictures and video.

Last Wednesday Caleb made a deal with me. He said that if I didn’t bite my nails until Saturday he would take me to Olive Garden. At first it didn’t interest me because I just can’t stop biting, I’VE TRIED. But to my surprise…I didn’t bite. And STILL HAVEN’T! Yay! Go me! So on Saturday we decided to make a day of it.

We went to Daisy’s friends 1st Birthday Party that morning, then we headed to St. George and ate at Port-A-Subs. Then went to some water park called Sand Hallow where Daisy went under water 3 times and went down the BIG slide with her Daddy over and over again. They would get to the bottom and I would cheer her on and she would sign ‘mo – mo’ which means more. After the water park my wonderful husband kept his promise and took me to Olive Garden!! YUMM! …. On Sunday he asked me what I want if I can make it to Saturday again!….Humm….What do I want?….

Last Sunday Caleb got RELEASED!!! Yes!!! This was the happiest day of my life!! I know I know…I shouldn’t show or even be this happy but MAN it was time!! You try being in a singles ward where everyone just glares at you because you can’t keep your two-year-old quiet or still for THREE HOURS! When you are pregnant and running up to the stand every 2 minutes to grab your daughter because she knows and sees her “Daddy!” When you get elderly women telling you that maybe it’s your daughters naptime and that you should just take her home and give her a nap. When no one talks to you because your married and you have a kid. Where they don’t let you sign/look at their roll because you’re NOT REALLY in their ward, but then they say you need to go to their activities because you ARE in their ward. And then ….UGH!…. Whatever….IT’S OVER!! THANK GOODNESS!! Now I can get Caleb’s help dealing with Daisy during church.

So this was our first Sunday in our family ward with Caleb’s two other bothers. (Would’ve been three but the third one moved away). Which one is the Bishop (that looks like Caleb, so Daisy kept pointing to him and saying “Daddy Daddy.” We had to keep reminding her that Daddy was sitting next to her) and the other Daisy loves to death…Yep…Uncle Jason. So when we thought it would be easier to keep Daisy in her seat this Sunday with “Daddy” actually sitting with us…boy, were we wrong. She saw Uncle Jason as soon as he came in and kept pointing to him wondering if that was really him. As soon as he turned around and smiled she took off. She came back to us once to get her bottle and then took off again so that her Uncle Jason could hold her. It was nice to actually get to listen to the talks for the first time in a year but at the same time it was sad to see Caleb’s face when he wasn’t the one that got to play with her during our one and only meeting we would have with her that day. Since Sunday was Daisy first time EVER going to nursery. We walked her to the door and she walked right in and never turned back around. We checked on her after the second hour but she was happy as can be, and when we picked her up at the end of church she didn’t want to come with us because they were playing with bubbles. Then of course, she saw Uncle Jason and went running! Haha. I’m telling you…He spoils her!! We are not bad parents, I promise… least that is what I have to keep telling myself.

Wow, sorry this blog is so long. But if you made it this far…Good for you! Maybe I will be able to keep up for the next couple of weeks before Student Teaching starts. Wish me luck with that and having a baby all at once. I’m a little scared but I have learned to take things one day at a time.

By the way….What do you think we are going to have? Boy or Girl?

When won’t find out until the baby arrives in another 8-9weeks or so! How exciting!